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LED Profile provides protection for your LED Strips, acting as a housing to prevent damage from dirt or contact whilst in use. Keeping them enclosed within a profile helps extend their lifespan through acting as a heat sink. The casings are sturdy and designed to suit the exact use you have in mind for your lighting. Whether you want to add some lighting to a home stairway or an office waiting room. Our LED Aluminium Profile suits indoor and outdoor uses, available as Flat, Recessed, Corner, Wall and Plaster in LED Profile. Cannot find what you are looking for? Contact us!

We offer Profile for LED tape in a huge array of shapes, colours and sizes. So whether you are looking for a White Aluminium Corner Profile or even a Black Aluminium 3m LED Profile we have something to fit. The full range includes Profiles in White, Black Aluminium and Champagne to suit any scheme or design you have in mind for your LED Profile Aluminium. Looking for a Profile for LED Strip that diffuses light well? Try one of our profiles with a frosted or opal lid as these act as great diffusers for the light your LED strip will give off.

A popular choice of ours is Recessed LED Strip Lighting. This provides a great housing for your LED strip that looks natural when placed within walls, ceilings or even skirting. Setting it back into its housing ensures a completely natural look for your home or display, allowing you to create a clean finished look for your LEDs. When fitted corrects Recessed Profiles can be used with walls, ceilings and even some furniture. Creating a LED set up where you cannot see the full profile casing. A much more subtle approach to using LEDs to light up a space.

At Taylor Lighting we strive to ensure that every product you receive from us is in the best condition. So we offer huge warranties on our products! For a reliable Profile for LED tape, choose Taylor Lighting and be sure you are receiving top quality products for your installation. We try to offer the most inclusive range we can, but if you still can not find exactly what you are looking for please get in contact with us through our Bespoke Contact Form where we can help you through our made to measure service.

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  1. Led Channel 3 metre Opal Lid
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