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Led Profile

LED Profile provides protection for your LED Strips, acting as a housing to prevent damage from dirt or contact whilst in use. Keeping them enclosed within a profile helps extend their lifespan through acting as a heat sink. The casings are sturdy and designed to suit the exact use you have in mind for your lighting. Whether you want to add some lighting to a home stairway or an office waiting room. Our LED Aluminium Profile suits indoor and outdoor uses, available as Flat, Recessed, Corner, Wall and Plaster in LED Profile. Cannot find what you are looking for? Contact us!

We offer Profile for LED tape in a huge array of shapes, colours and sizes. So whether you are looking for a White Aluminium Corner Profile or even a Black Aluminium 3m LED Profile we have something to fit. The full range includes Profiles in White, Black Aluminium and Champagne to suit any scheme or design you have in mind for your LED Profile Aluminium. Looking for a Profile for LED Strip that diffuses light well? Try one of our profiles with a frosted or opal lid as these act as great diffusers for the light your LED strip will give off.

A popular choice of ours is Recessed LED Strip Lighting. This provides a great housing for your LED strip that looks natural when placed within walls, ceilings or even skirting. Setting it back into its housing ensures a completely natural look for your home or display, allowing you to create a clean finished look for your LEDs. When fitted corrects Recessed Profiles can be used with walls, ceilings and even some furniture. Creating a LED set up where you cannot see the full profile casing. A much more subtle approach to using LEDs to light up a space.

At Taylor Lighting we strive to ensure that every product you receive from us is in the best condition. So we offer huge warranties on our products! For a reliable Profile for LED tape, choose Taylor Lighting and be sure you are receiving top quality products for your installation. We try to offer the most inclusive range we can, but if you still can not find exactly what you are looking for please get in contact with us through our Bespoke Contact Form where we can help you through our made to measure service.

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What is LED strip?

Led strips or led tape are a long flexible circuit board that house multiple small led lights. Featuring an adhesive backing that allows them to be applied to any suitable surface such as walls or skirting. They are used in many different forms of lighting, such as full room lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting. Making them an incredibly versatile form of illumination. Available in a range of colours each kind of strip offers different features such as water resistance and varying power. Choosing the right one for your application is key. However choosing size is not too stressful, as they are able to be cut to size without breaking their circuit. For more information on made to measure LED’s, speak to us today. What are LED Profiles? LED Profiles are aluminium casings made specially for LED strip lights. Their purpose is to protect the LED from damage once installed by housing them inside its casing as a protective shell. There are a wide variety of profiles available, depending on the application they are needed for. Different shapes, sizes and depths can be found throughout our website, along with a wide range of different casing lids to showcase the LED’s in multiple ways. Using a protective casing like LED profile means that LED strip can be installed safely anywhere, whether they are required indoors or outdoors, the right profile makes it possible.

Types of Aluminium Profile

There are many different kinds of LED Profile, each serves a different purpose. Allowing LED Strip to be used in most environments. Providing a protective surface that can be used along walls, under flooring, within tiles and even outdoors. This versatility is provided by the many available characteristics of different profiles such as, Depth - Based on led strip and preference a smaller housing is more suitable for thinner LED tape as well as smaller spaces. However bigger profiles are better for achieving less spotting from the LED strip, as led lights won't be too close to surface. Shape - Check size of each shape profile matches led tape requirements, to be sure your selected tape is compatible. Profiles are available as rectangular, corner or circular. Each of which can be used in different environments Installation - Depending on where the profile is wanted or what is is to be mounted to the profile you select will vary. Consider where it is to be mounted before selecting yours.

Types of LED Profile we offer

Flat Profile

Flat LED Profile is great for surface mounting LED strip to walls and furniture. Its flat design makes the profile completely discreet, helping achieve a more subtle lighting look for your installation. We offer this profile in a wide range of sizes and shapes, available in both white and black. It is a perfect casing for protecting LEDs used across walls or within wardrobes.

Corner Profile

Corner profiles for LED are ideal for mounting info 90° corners, as they are designed to perfectly sit within the space. Available with us in white, black and champagne with a selection of sizes as standard. It is ideal for use around ceiling edges and to light up things such as cabinets and shelving.

Recessed Profile

Recessed LED profile is perfect for creating a subtle look using LED’s. As this casing allows the strip to be set back into a wall or ceiling, hiding the casing from view. We have this profile in white and black with ready to order sizes of 2m and 3m. It is ideal for use within walls and skirting.

Wall Profiles

Wall Profile is specialised for use with LED’s to direct their light in a specific direction. This profile is available in white and as up/down profile. It is suitable for applications where the light is required to shine across the wall, creating a wall of light in the required direction.

Plaster in Profile

Plaster in LED profile is ideal for fitting in long term hidden leds into walls. We offer this casing in white with a range of sizes ready to order. It is ideal for use within skirting or even tiles, as they can be plastered into the wall with only the strip of light on show. Creating a very subtle and protective use of LED strips.

Other profiles

We also offer a small range of other LED Profile types. These include Stair Nose, Round, Wardrobe and Silicone Profiles. For more information on these products, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Types of finishes

Each of the profiles we provide come with a plastic lid that allows the light to shine out through the casing, while completing the protective case around the LED strip. These lids are available in a range of different options, each offer an alternative finish for the lights. Clear lids allow the light to shine through as it is, showcasing their full brightness and led shape. However opal and frosted lids offer a more obscured view of the strips beneath them. Creating more of a solid strip of light, instead of many small circles.

Benefits of LED Profile

Using LED profile provides many positive effects. Their protective case protects the LED strip inside from any damage that comes from day to day contact such as scratching or knocking. It also helps keep dirt and dust away from the strips, making them easier to maintain. But keeping them clean isn't the only thing that profiles do. They also act as a heat sink for the strips, meaning that they prevent the LEDs form overheating. As a result, helping their overall performance and ensuring they reach as close to their full lifespan as possible.

How to install LED Strip and LED Profile

Installing LED’s is a simple process when you have all the right components. Start by making sure you have selected the correct products for your installation. Using the suitable profile type and length LED strip for the job. Then stick the LED tape into the channel using its adhesive backing. This will hold it in place while in use and see that it is secure. Attached your clear, opal or frosted lid to the channel to cover the strip beneath it. Then also attach your end clips and wire up to your selected power source. Next simply apply the mounting brackets and attach the profile onto them. Your installation is now complete. Installation of LED strip and profiles may vary depending on the kind of profile you have chosen to use, or the way in which you intend to use it. For a more in depth guide on installation, or to see how to install a different kind of profile, take a look at our installation guides.

Need some more help?

Not ready to install or need some more advice on your selection? Alternatively, for some more inspiration and additional knowledge regarding LED strips and profiles. Please take a look at our blog. It features handy information about selecting your ideal components and how to use them in different settings.

Why use Taylor Lighting?

Here at Taylor Lighting we strive to offer the best service possible. Using our over 30 years experience in the field of LED’s and LED Profiles to offer helpful advice and solutions to each of our customers. We take pride in our service and aim to make selecting LED components a quick and seamless process. Supplying LED products to many high end retailers, we are proud of the products we offer. Our friendly staff are oh hand to help whenever required.

All of our products come with the option for next day delivery as well as their 3 year warranty. Ensuring the consistent standard of all of our products. If for any reason you should find yourself not satisfied with our service or product, we aim to help resolve your issue as soon as possible with our excellent customer service. Who will guide you through the process of product returns or problems.

Need some help?

We are happy to assist! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like some more information on our products. Our staff are knowledgeable and able to help with any queries you may have. For any other assistance, you can contact us over email at

Alternatively, if you would prefer to place an order with us over the phone after a quick chat, we are also available between 8:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday. Just give us a call!