Led Strip 2400k Extra Warm White Per Cut Length 9.6 Watts 24v

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Extra warm white 24 volt Dimmable Led strip
8mm wide
Up to 4 metres length listed but any length or special requirement can be ordered by phone
Warm white( 2400k )3528 leds
9.6 watts per metre
120 leds per metre
900 lumens per metre
Requires a 24 volt led driver
When dimming from a wall switch dimmer a dimmable driver must be used
Can be cut every 50mm
Supplied with a 2 metre soldered input lead
3 year warranty
We also offer a bespoke service .
Extra Discounts available for large orders, call today!
Extra Warm White 2400k Led strip 24 Volt Self Adhesive 8mm High Output ..9.6 Watts Per Metre. 120 leds per metre . .After ordering the strip you will need a suitable driver . Please see our 24 volt Led drivers for led strip .Each Length of strip Comes with a soldered 2 Meter Input Lead to connect to the driver. We also offer a bespoke service .The strip can be cut every 50mm Please note,the DIY clip on connectors can be used with this strip but due to the spacings of the leds ,the lid cannot be closed .The strip still works ,however,the lid gives extra grip to prevent the strip from moving out of position and breaking contact .Please note that to prolong the life of the driver ,the total of led strip wattage should be no more than 90% of the rating of driver. Using Aluminium Profile with the led strip provides many advantages.
It stops the strip from coming unstuck after time .
It diffuses and spreads the light
It prevents damage to leds when cleaning off dust etc
It prolongs the life of the led by acting as a heat sink
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Delivery Time 1-2 Day Delivery
Manufacturer T-Lighting
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