LED’s are quickly becoming the preferred solution to lighting. Appearing in homes, commercial buildings and even outdoor public spaces, but what makes them so desirable? Many people are a fan of the sleeker design that they provide. Offering full or partial room lighting without being directly seen. Reducing the need for large and sometimes intrusive light fixtures such as ceiling lights or lamps. Many others switch to LED’s claiming that they are saving them money, by being more efficient and therefore cheaper to run. But can they actually be saving people money on their bills?

Many would argue that as they are more expensive to install than traditional lights, that they cannot be the cheaper option. However there are many things that can prove in a lot of circumstances, that this is not the case.

LED strips may be more expensive to get put up at the beginning, but their lifespan more than makes up for this cost. As they need to be changed much less often than incandescent, halogen and even CFL lights. This is due to their naturally longer lifespan, preventing that inevitable bulb change each time it reaches the end of its life. Being more durable means that they can be installed and trusted to work for a long time. However replacing strips when using LED profile is also a stress free process.

As well as having a longer lifespan, they also use much less electricity than their traditional counterparts. This reduced power consumption is down to their design, which ensures more energy is turned into light rather than heat. Many are aware of just how much heat traditional light bulbs put out while they are in frequent use. Requiring less electric also means that led’s operate on a lower wattage, since they are a lot more efficient with the light that they put out from the same power source.

Of course the potential savings that using LED’s provide will be more noticeable in bigger environments. Such as offices or commercial buildings that use them as a main light source. However smaller savings can also be seen in homes if power usage and cost is tracked. But the cost can also be affected by the prices of the electricity supplier each establishment uses, as some are more expensive than others. So before making the switch always take note of just how much benefit will be noticed from these kinds of lights in each individual situation, whether they are being installed at home or in the office.