Use of LED Lighting is increasing rapidly throughout the UK, with new installations being seen all of the time. Many homes and companies are switching to this alternative form of lighting, with installations still on the rise as time goes on. So much so, that many modern new build homes are fitted with LEDs as standard. But what is it about LEDs that has people so hooked?


Versatile Design

One thing that has certainly caught the attention of many, is the incredibly flexible design of LED’s, especially LED strip. Able to fit any space or purpose, the possibilities of what you can do with your lighting is endless. The lighting can either give off a standard or more direct light, both with the help of an LED Profile. Allowing you to light rooms freely, selecting to illuminate entire spaces or select parts and corners individually. The option for under cabinet and wardrobe lighting is also available, there are very few places that you cannot install LEDs when using the right equipment. You can even install them in your bathroom using a suitable Plaster in Profile. As well as all of this, they are available in a range of colours not always available to other lighting types. Giving you the option to choose between warm, cosy lighting or bright, clean LEDs and it doesn't end there. If you are really looking for something more original, a large range of colour / colour changing LEDs are available to purchase too.


Efficient Usage

A versatile design not selling you on the switch to LEDs? Well then how about an increase in efficiency? Compared to other traditional forms of lighting, LEDs will use a lot less energy than other types of bulbs, around 90% less than halogen. This results in them being extremely cost effective, as they use less energy to create their light, whilst often giving off a better quality of light as well. This means that not only are they using less energy than a standard bulb but more of the energy they use is actually being converted into light. Also contributing to their low energy usage is that LEDs give off no heat while they are in use, unlike most household bulbs, so no excess energy is being wasted on unnecessary heat production. All of this will save you money over time, lowering your energy bills noticeably. But of course this isn't all! The lifespan of LED Lighting is significantly higher than incandescent bulbs, so you will be spending less money and time on bulb replacements.


Environmentally Friendly

If money saving, versatile lighting still isn't ticking all of the boxes for you, then maybe this will help. LEDs are friendly to the environment! Not only do they last longer than a standard bulb, creating less waste throughout their lifespan but they are also made from completely safe and degradable materials. Unlike CFL bulbs, LEDs do not contain contaminants such as mercury, so they can be left with the rubbish without the requirement for safe disposal. Their material is fully recyclable, so if you do eventually decide to remodel your space and remove your old LEDs you will not be adding to mounting waste. As well as this, their lower energy usage means that less energy is needed per household or company building. Between houses this will make a difference to the occupants by lowering bills and energy consumption, however throughout multiple homes and buildings switching to LEDs would make a much bigger impact on the environment. Lowering the demand for energy on a larger scale. Of course this is not the answer to solving large scale environmental issues, but it is a great start!