While LED lights are becoming more and more common in homes and retail spaces, many are not utilising their benefits within office spaces. Most may think that LEDs are no different than standard fluorescent bulbs used in offices throughout the country, but they are incorrect. In actuality, there are countless differences between standard bulbs and LED systems. These differences span from their appearance, potential usage and even their internal design. So why should you switch your lighting to LEDs?

Better Quality of Light

LEDs are well known for their energy efficiency and the long lifespans they provide time and time again. As well as this, they do not blow or flicker when they reach the end of their extended lifespan, instead they slowly dim over time letting you know a replacement is needed. Their efficiency and ability to stay on as they get older provides you with an overall increased light quality.

Lighting for each task

Many office spaces have multiple rooms throughout the building all designed for an individual purpose. Standard, one size fits all lighting design will not accommodate all of these spaces in the way they need. This is where LEDs come in, their range of colours and ability to be changed and dimmed mean that each rooms different needs can be satisfied. For example, if you have a conference room that needs to be used in full light as well as dimmed light for tvs and illuminated screens. Using LED strip that can be dimmed via a remote would be perfect.

Bespoke lighting for each space

Want to put your companies stamp on a building to make it feel like a completely different space? Lighting could be the answer for you, utilising the flexibility of LED design to allow you to alternate your lighting for different spaces within the same room or multiple rooms at once. Accent light around key spaces such as meeting tables draw attention to the most important part of the room, whilst smaller strip lights are great for use in corridors and hallways. Looking for something more interesting than that? Consider using coloured LED strip to create more interesting receptions and break rooms.

The benefit of spaciousness

Office feeling a little claustrophobic with your current fluorescent lighting? You’d be amazed by what a little ceiling and wall lighting could do for your space. Use LED strip within an LED Wall profile to project light solely onto the walls and ceilings in a specific direction. Lighting up these spaces will make the space feel much wider. Giving the illusion of a larger, more spacious room. Which is perfect for those who will be sitting in the same space every day, giving them a sense of breathing room.

Seamless natural light integration

LEDs are amazing, but natural light should always be thought of too. Got large windows in your office but find they don't quite provide the full coverage lighting you need? Use your LEDs to compliment the natural lighting by installing an LED Strip that mimics the colour of the natural lighting coming in from outside. This helps keep the room feeling naturally lit even when most of the work is being done by LEDs. Natural light is a great mood booster in offices, although many may not notice this. So keeping as much of it as possible is always the best case of action.