Using LED lighting in your company building can provide many benefits to both yourself and your employees. No matter what industry you work in, having them installed rather than traditional fluorescent lights can do wonders for your workspace. Whilst every industry may benefit from LEDs slightly differently, most will see a number of similar benefits. These benefits include their energy efficiency, saving you money on electric bills. As LEDs utilise the same wattage to create more light, using less energy is used to create a similar environment to fluorescent lights. Their efficiency also extends to their lifespan, providing many more hours of light than a standard bulb. On top of this, LEDs even start to dim slowly at the end of their lifespan, instead of blowing like a lightbulb and leaving you in the dark.

However great these benefits of LED installation are, there are a few more benefits that can been seen from industry to industry that affect both work ethic and overall performance. So whatever business you are in, keep reading to find out what using LEDs to light your workplace could do for you.


LEDs in Offices

They are able to light entire office spaces from the reception to the bathroom, or just individual workspaces. The versatile design of LEDs means that you can choose where to focus your lighting to where it is most needed. Whether that be around desks or meeting room tables. Having good lighting in a space where employees spend most of their time can contribute to improving their well being. Providing a lighting system that is gentle, putting less strain on the eyes is crucial factor for those who spend many of their working hours sitting in front of a computer screen. Having the right lighting is crucial for a happy working environment and LEDs provide all the options you need to create it. Whether you are looking for cool, natural or warm light for your offices, simply choosing a different LED strip makes all of the difference.


LEDs in Factories and Warehouses

Switching to LEDs in environments such as factories not only saves energy, but also increases light quality. When installed at the correct height, or with the correct LED Profile, LEDs provide a much more even spread of light, covering each part of the room. Which is ideal for spaces as big as these. As a result of this, better lighting is supplied to each employee in the space, allowing them to pay better attention to detail to the jobs they are doing as they will not be contending with dark yellowing bulbs or spaces where light doesn't reach well enough. This allows better visual quality checks to take place and helps employees focus better on the task at hand. However as everyone within the factory would be spending many hours within the same space, it is crucial to ensure the new lighting is not too harsh on their eyes. So a less harsh light should be suggested, such as a more natural or warmer LED strip for installation.

LEDs in retail

Better for you and your products. LEDs help both you and your displayed products when they are installed within your retail stores. As well as helping you keep energy costs down and offering long term lighting solutions, the correct LEDs also make your products look better to your customers. Showing them under clean white LED strip showcases the true nature and colours of your items, displaying them in their best light at all times. As there are much fewer uv rays emitted from LEDs than there are from fluorescent lighting, the bright lights wont even do damage to your products. Helping to prevent discolouration for products that tend to sit in the shop for a long time before they are sold. So if you want to show off your products as best as possible consider LEDs. They can be installed as full shop lighting and even on shelving and displays. Helping you draw even more attention to those key sellers.