About to install LEDs but not sure what kind you need? All LED Strips are as standard, a flexible circuit board that is populated at regular intervals with LED chips, their design offers a high lighting efficiency but this similar design and performance does not mean that all LED Strips are the same. Different types of strip are suited to different environments and installation designs, take a look at the information below to be sure you’re selecting the right components!


Standard Strip 12V & 24V

A Standard LED Strip is exactly what it says, the basic form of an LED strip without all of the added extras. If you are looking for a single colour LED strip that will not be in contact with water or used externally then this is the ideal strip to use. It is available in a range of colours including Cool white, Neutral white, Warm white, Blue, Green, Red and Amber and stays at your chosen colour throughout its lifespan. There are no options for colour changing or dimming with this strip, so it is ideal for those who are after no fuss lighting with a simple installation. Great for illuminating rooms, centerpieces and workspaces.


Silicone Coated Strip 12V & 24V

Want a standard strip that will be more protected without the use of an LED Profile? If you are planning to use LEDs in a place where you cannot, or do not want to install a protective profile then these are the strips you need. The silicone coating on this LED strip helps protect it from dust and damage while being used. Saving you from breaking your LED strip the minute it gets knocked against. Unlike many will claim, silicone coated strips will not be protected from water, as moisture can get into the back of the strip causing it to stop working. For further protection from slight moisture such as condensation, it is advisable to install a suitable LED profile to place the strip in. Silicone strip is available in a wide variety of colours such as Cool white, Neutral white, Warm white, Blue, Green, Red and RGB, meaning a colour change version of this strip is available.


Waterproof IP67 Strip 12V & 24V

Unlike the silicone coated strips, these LEDs are covered in a plastic coating to make them more damage resistant so they can be used in harsher environments without breaking. However these have an IP rating of IP67 which means that the strips can actually be used in places that come into contact with water. IP67 is the second highest waterproofing rating for LEDs. Which means that these strips are completely surrounded by plastic to protect them from moisture, making them ideal for external use as they can withstand the rain and condensation that occurs more often outside. Available in colours Cool white and Warm white.


RGB Colour Change Strip 12V & 24V

This LED strip is what it says in the name, a strip made up from RBG LED chips. A 3 in 1 chip that includes other red, green and blue chips. An ideal strip if you are looking for colours rather than white or other standard lighting temperatures. The colours in each chip combine to create a huge array of colours, all of which can be controlled via remote or wall switch, whichever form of control you prefer. With all three colours in each chip at full brightness the strip can almost pass off the colour as white, but it would not be a pure white light. However it is passable as a form of standard white lighting when necessary.


RGBW Colour Change Strip 12V & 24V

An RGBW LED Strip is much like the RGB’s, except for the fact that its 3 in 1 colour chip operates alongside a white chip as well. This not only allows you to create all of the great colours you could before, but it also means that the strip can offer a much purer white colour than the standard RGB. As well as this, the extra white chips mean that colour temperatures can be controlled better, giving you even more diversity within the colours you create with the 3 in 1 RGB chip. 


Colour Temperature Adjustable

These LEDs will not change the colour of  the light you get, instead it adjusts the colour temperature. Adjusting the colours from warm to cool, changing the look and feel to a room. Warm lighting tends to be more orange whereas cooler lighting tends to be white or even lightly blue tinted. Use this LED Strip if you like to switch between soft and brighter lighting during the day or even different tasks. A controller will allow you to achieve a multitude of variations of cool and warm colour temperature with just one LED strip.

Once you have chosen the best LED strip for your application, you can then start looking at the right LED Profile to keep it protected once it is installed. There are many variations from Flat to Flexible and Waterproof. Find all LED Profiles at Taylor Lighting.