Looking for a freat way to lighten up the home a little more? Consider instealling LED's in subtle places around rooms for a little extra ambiance. They can be placed acress the ceiling, or even hidden within the coving using a recessed profile. Or for something a little more adventurous, a flat profile can keep LED strip protected as they light up the stairway to any floor.


More time is spent in the kitchen than some would like to admit. So why not make it look as good as it possibly can? Add a little extra character to the kitchen design by installing LED’s within underneath the wall cabinets. Securing the LED strips in place with a great corner profile. Or even placing them above the kickboard of floor cupboards and across the ceiling. The versatility of LED profile  means that even curved surfaces can be accommodated for.


Outdoor spaces

If the garden looks a little tired out, or is simply not yet lit enough for after dark visits then LED’s can help brighten the place up. Whether at home or in public spaces, using waterproof profile for LED strip can help bring attention to the key points of a garden. Making it more accessible to those who don't use the space within the daytime. Adding a little extra glamour to the environment.



Public or private, using LED strips in a bathroom can really open up the space to a more modern sense of design. Install some plaster in profile and enjoy the ability to light up the walls within the bathroom from between the tiles. Or even place some lighting around the bathroom mirror, perfect for a better view in public bathrooms.


Outer building

Need something to bring more attention to a commercial building? Why not use LED’s to light up the outside space? Try using LED profile to protect LED’s strips from the harsh outdoor environment and light up the building. Many public buildings use this idea to create a more attractive building that passers by will even notice in the dark. Hard to forget the building at the end of the road with such beautiful nighttime lighting.