Got an office that’s looking a bit tired or need to improve the space that your clients visit? Consider installing decorative and functional LED’s throughout the building to add a little more character and sophistication to the environment. Also bringing in some more light wherever they are installed. There are plenty of places that they can be used, so consider the ideas below when renovating the workspace.



The first thing a client sees when they walk into the office is the reception, the room itself as well as the main desk where they will likely have to check themselves in. So why not make this space more inviting from the moment they step through the door? Install LED strips around the base of the main reception desk, or even within it illuminating a cut out pattern or company name using recessed profiles. This not only gives your waiting room more personality, but it also offers something to catch the eye while clients wait.


Hallway & stairs

Got a lot of spaces throughout the office that are plain and only used for travelling from room to room? Brighten them up a little and make the walk slightly more interesting. Using LED’s within skirting or under steps on a staircase can make small empty spaces look much more appealing. Using LED’s in this way can make the building look more professional than a much more plain space and using LED Profiles can help protect the LED strips from any damage that foot traffic may cause.



It may not seem to important, but to give off a professional impression then standards must be consistent throughout your company. Spending time improving the bathrooms within offices can have a large positive effect. Use them to create a more inviting bathroom for clients, using recessed profiles to fit LED’s between tiled walls or even set them around the mirrors to brighten up the space and make it appear bigger than it is. Bathrooms can easily become rundown looking spaces, keep up the high standard of decor by adding some sophisticated lighting into the room.



The outside of your office space can be as important as the inside. If working in a private building it is best to personalise the space as much as possible, leaving a mark that is unmistakably that of the companies. Use LED’s to draw attention to an outdoor company sign or the building itself. The lighting not only make the building more aesthetically pleasing, but will also make it more noticeable to passers by. Making the company easy on the eye and simple to locate by those visiting.


However a working environment is decorated, it always pays to give off a sleek and professional look that reflects on the way a business is run. Illuminate the office with LED’s and create a brighter workplace for those involved.