Using LED profiles can have huge benefits when it comes to installing LED's in your home, workplace or even the garden. Having a profile helps prevent accidental damage to LED strips while protecting it from potential build up of dirt when they are left out in the open. The profiles act as a barrier from accidental contact that could cause damage, such as bumping into them or catching them with your hand if they are at a low height. Depending on the type of profile you choose, they can also affect the way you see the light from the LED. All of these things ensure that the lifespan of the LED strips is extended as much as possible. With their ability to be installed just about everywhere, it is always worth adding a LED profile into your installation. However different types of LED profiles are more suitable to different environments or uses.


It is a good idea to install LED Profiles when a more polished look is required. This is due to the casing of the profile keeping the LED strip within out of sight and also depending on the kind of case chosen, preventing circles from the strips from showing on walls or surfaces. Profiles are perfect for use when it is required that the light source not be obvious, as well as when the LEDs are going to be set in a low down place that is easily accessible. This way, they can be protected from any damage that may be done by those passing by.

Installing standard LED profiles is relatively simple. They can be cut to the length you require down to the mm, rather than having specific set points like LED Strips do. Both the casing and covers can be cut, so you can have profile that fits any space, and even fits around corners. Attached to the required surface with some simple brackets that can be screwed in. You only need to clip the profile onto the brackets and you are done. Screwing in the brackets means that the profile will be securely attached to the wall for longer as more of a solid structure. This repliable casing ensures you can keep your LED’s going for as long as you want them. Simply insert the led strip and put on the cover and your new LED’s are good to go.