Inside of the wardrobe looking a little dark? In need of some more light to see what you have stored away? Stop losing things in the back of the wardrobe and brighten up the space using LEDs. They are easy to install and can be placed within to give off light, providing a better view of the items and clothing stored inside. These LEDs can even be motion sensor, so they turn themselves on as soon as you open the wardrobe door.

Not a lot is needed to get you started with installing your new leds. However you will need to start with a standard LED strip, a standard white LED strip can be used, unless you want something a bit more unique. To protect the LEDS from damage when items are put in or removed from the wardrobe, it is also recommended that a Flat LED Profile is installed with them. Alternatively, our Wardrobe hanger profile can be used as a pole that both provides light and a platform to hang items from.

Now that you have the LED’s you will need a power supply, select a suitable LED Driver to keep your lights running. This should be all you need to complete the installation, however if you would like to add a motion sensor feature to the lighting, you can also choose to have a PIR movement sensor and power unit to make this happen.

Installation of wardrobe LEDs is relatively simple. Start by placing your led strip into its chosen profile, ensuring both are cut to their required size to fit within the space, leaving the wires that attach the LED strip to its power supply accessible. Attach the profile brackets within the wardrobe where required and attached the profile with the lights inside onto them. Then wire up the leds through the back of the wardrobe to their led driver, this will now power the leds to light up your transformed space.

For motion sensor lighting, simply attached the PIR driver to the led driver, and route the connection between the PIR driver and unit through the back of the wardrobe again so the sensor sits inside. This is so the sensor can detect movement when the doors are opened, turning the lights on exactly when you need them.

For some more help, or a visual explanation of the installation explained above, please see our wiring diagram for wardrobe leds.