The way we design and light spaces is always evolving and changing. As LED’s become more popular in modern design, they are being adapted by more than just big corporations. Seen in home and landscape design. But is there more benefit to them than simply their appearance? Is there any noticeable change that can be seen in comparison to using traditional lighting? The benefits of switching to LED lighting are easy to see and are undoubtedly compelling enough to encourage a switch.


Longer lifespan

The main advantage of using LED lighting is that they provide a longer lifespan than traditional lighting. Lasting for up to 100,000 operating hours, they offer a much more usage than incandescent or fluorescent alternatives. LED’s also do not burn out as standard bulbs do. Instead, the lighting quality slowly decreases over a period of time. Giving much more warning that a change is do. However this will be rare as their longer lifespan will result in less frequent changes.


More efficiency

As well as needing less maintenance, LEDs also use less power than traditional lighting. This is due to the fact that they operate of a lower wattage, while providing the same quality of light. Offering better energy efficiency for a much lower cost, bringing better light that requires less power. This results in lighting that offers better efficiency even in environments where lights are left on for long periods of time. Wasting less energy than other lighting alternatives.


Flexible design

Apart from their efficiency, LED’s also provide an advantage in the ways they can be used. Their shape and size mean that they are completely flexible to design with. Used as full LED strips, small individual sets of lights or even coving and skirting lighting. The use of LED profile offers even more possibilities. With waterproof or recessed profile allowing for LED use in bathrooms and outdoor spaces. And standard profile allowing lower set lighting without risk of damage from foot traffic.


Instant turn on

This kind of lighting is also more efficient in the way it turns on. With no need to wait while the LEDs warm up, as they produce less heat than many lighting alternatives, there is also no wait to get to their full brightness. They immediately light up to their full or set brightness from the second they are turned off.Offering the ability to be turned off and on for frequent use with no lasting effects. Retaining the efficiency of their turn on speed. Allowing them to be used in any kind of setting.

With these great benefits and many more, why not try LEDs in the home or workplace? Their frequent appearance in every circumstance such as in homes, workplaces and gardens, means that there are already countless utilised possibility for this kind of lighting. If considering the use of LEDs, it is crucial to find quality LEDs that ensure long usage life and safe products for any installation.