LED aluminium profiles are great for use with LED strip. Providing a casing for the strips and helping them stay in good condition while attached to walls, furniture and various other items. They are easy to install and offer great benefits. A versatile design and different types of profile allow for them to be installed pretty much anywhere, whether you are looking to put LEDs in your driveway or the bathroom. There are a range of different profiles that suit different applications. Each have their own features that make them more suitable for use in different environments. For more information on the variety of profile and their uses, take a look at our blog ‘Choosing the right LED Profile’. However, profile applications are not the only thing that should be considered when deciding whether to install led profile as they also offer a great range of benefits.


Protection from harm

Aluminium profiles keep dirt and other contaminants away from the LEDs within them, stopping them from becoming full of dust. Which commonly gathers upon the LED strip when placed above cupboards or in things such as coving, resulting in a reduced light output. Using a profile means that this high volume of dust can be wiped off quickly and easily without disturbing the LED strip itself. Leaving no long term effect on the strips performance. As well as this, profile also protects them from damage acquired from being brushed against, knocked or having something spilled over them. Again, helping them stay clean and in working order. Ensuring that the strip is more likely to reach its full expected lifespan.


More placement options

As well as protecting LED strip from harm that can come from dirt and human contact while on walls, they also offer protection for lighting that needs to be walked over. LED strip alone cannot be heavily worn, so activities such as walking or driving across the strip would not be possible. A profile will cover the strip and can be recessed into the ground, preventing the lighting from being tripped over, whilst keeping it safe from harm while being walked and driven over as well as being rained on. Allowing them to be easily installed within flooring indoors and outdoors wherever they are required. The same protection is provided anywhere the LEDs can be installed, as long as the suitable profile type is used.


Sleeker lighting display

Do you like LEDs but are not a fan of the way the light from them can appear spotted? Installing a profile can help with this. Using a plastic lid to blur the light creating a straight beam of light rather than multiple spots. Spotting is common with LED strips, however the profiles help obscure these shapes to just show the light being produced.  Depending on the LED strip selected, a different profile will be needed to erase the spotting effect. The fewer LEDs on a strip, the deeper a profile will need to be. Always check the amount of LEDs per metre on your chosen strip, as this allows you to choose the correct profile depth. For example, a strip with 30 LEDs per metre would benefit from a profile with a depth of 25mm to stop the appearance of spotting, however a strip with 240 LEDs per metre would require just an 8mm depth.


So if you were thinking of installing LED strip be sure to install a profile to help keep your new lighting protected. Preventing early damage to the strips that could affect their lifespan, causing you to replace the strip earlier than necessary. If you are interested in installing a profile, you can find everything you need at Taylor Lighting, they are easy to install with your LED strip as well as worth the work in the long run.