Love the idea of using the garden at night surrounded by subtle lighting that stops it from being too dark to enjoy? Whether it is for late night garden parties, or just a lazy evening to enjoy some fresh air, having LED’s installed throughout the space can make time outside much more enjoyable. Lighting up the space to make it more accessible once the sun has gone down. But where can you put them so that they look good and don’t get damaged?

In / around decking

To create a beautiful space to relax in at night, why not consider using LED’s across a decked space? Adding LED strip around the edge of the decking, either above or on the side, outlines the space and brightens up the area. They can even be used on any steps that lead down to the garden. Attach the LED strip to the decking using a recessed profile or flat profile to hide them from view and create a great effect. Using LED profile keeps the strip out of the way, so no need to worry about kicking or treading on it. Creating a safer walking space. They can even be used to light up the edges of pathways through the garden too.

Around decor

LED’s can even be used to bring more life to objects around the garden. Place them around the floor near statues and through flower beds to light up the most beautiful parts of the garden. Show off the hard earned decor and layout with some great lighting. Creating a stunning display of light. Use LED strip within the ground to have light shining up and through objects, or alternatively attach them to surrounding walls to have the light fall from above instead. Both will need to be protected from any damage using an LED profile suitable for outdoor conditions.

In water features

Using LED’s to light up water can create a great effect, showcasing the movement of the water even in the dark. Using LED’s with water features such as waterfalls, ponds and pools can look amazing. Lighting up the full body of water when installed in the right way. Using waterproof profile allows LED strip to be installed in environments that involve contact with water, keeping them protected from water damage by enclosing them within a casing. Install them within the features to illuminate the water or alternatively place them nearby to light up the space as a whole.

Wherever you decide to install LED’s outdoors, you can find everything you need in one go with Taylor Lighting. Including LED casings such as Flat, Recessed, Waterproof and Wall Profiles and even the LED strip to go inside them. Helping you to make your outdoor space as beautiful at night as it is in daylight.