Each kind of LED profile is specially designed for a different use. So whether the plan is to install LED’s inside, outside, in coving or even inside a wardrobe, there is a profile to suit. Fitting in seamlessly with the required design, and prolonging the lifespan of LED’s by protecting them from any potential damage that could come from their environment. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that the right kind of profile is chosen for every job.


Flat profile

Flat LED Profile is the most popular form of profile. Suiting most applications it is a versatile cover for any LED Strip. Their availability in solid or bendable material ensures that they are available to use on any surface, flat or otherwise. Perfect for mounting on walls, furniture and many other things, they offer a large amount of protection the the LED’s they encase. Available in a wide array of colours, so they blend seamlessly into any kind of decor. Take a look at some Flat Profiles here


Recessed profile

For those who are looking for a sleeker LED look, Recessed profiles may be the right thing to use. They are specifically designed to be embedded into surfaces such as walls and shelves. Setting the lights back into the surface they are applied to. This hides the outer part of the profile and leads to a less obvious look for lighting solutions. These profiles tend to come in a range of colours such as white, black and standard aluminium, so the small part of the profile that will be seen can be selected to match the environment it is in. Explore Recessed Profiles


Plaster in profile

Similarly to a recessed profile, plaster in profile is perfect for creating a more subtle section of lighting. The design allows the profile to be fitted in place between tiles, within cuts in a wall or even skirting. They are set back into the wall or tiles to create a much more covered casing, showing only the light coming from the LED’s through their cover. Suitable for both internal and external use, they are a great choice for many kinds of LED lighting design. Take a look at our Plaster in Profile range


Corner profile

As the name would suggest, corner profiles are ideal for use in corners, such as where ceilings meet or the joining of walls. With extra components, they can also be used to put LED’s around a corner, allowing you to illuminate the full space. This kind of profile is easy to conceal and can be used in wardrobe and cabinet lighting. Perfect for the smaller designs that LED can offer. Select the right Corner Profile for you


Wall profile

Changing the way it presents the LED’s inside it, Wall profile provides a different kind of look for LED strips. The casing clips straight onto the wall using a backplate, unlike other kinds of profile that use brackets or adhesive. It then creates an effect of wall washing light up and down a wall at the same time. With a 30mm projection of light from the wall which it is installed upon. Install high quality Wall Profile