LED strip lighting is a great choice for illumination throughout the home, or for small parts of it. Whether you want to use the strips as the main source of light for the living room, or just to add an interesting feature with under cabinet lighting. They look great in a range of situations, but do they actually offer any benefits over more traditional forms of lighting?


Longer lifespan than standard bulbs

LEDs offer a longer life expectancy than regular bulbs do. They offer a lifetime of up to 50000 hours, in comparison to around 750 - 20000 hours for a standard incandescent bulb. Once they reach the end of their cycle, they do not burn out. Instead, they start to emit less light so the quality of light gets slowly dimmer over time. Letting you know when it is time for a change and never suddenly leaving you without light as a blown bulb would.

Use less electric to create light

The strips require a lower wattage to operate then other forms of lighting. Resulting in less electric being required to run them. However this lower energy usage does not mean they produce less light, instead they produce the same quality of lighting. Proving to be just as bright as a standard bulb. Another benefit is that they do not produce heat while in use, so less energy is wasted to heat loss.

Multiple colour options

A Great thing about LED strip is that it can really be made your own. With colour options for neutral, cool and warm white that allow you to pick the feel of your lighting. Most are also able to be dimmed for even more atmosphere. But the colours don't end there, LED strips are even available in brighter colours, such as red blue and green or even as colour changing strips that are controlled by a helpful remote.

Easy to install design

The simple design of LED strips makes them very easy to install. Most strips come with their own adhesive to stick them onto any surface. Whether that be under cabinets or around skirting boards. For more protection, they can be placed inside an LED Profile to keep them safe from damage. Their ability to be plugged into a power supply or mains mean they can be used absolutely anywhere.

Flexible material and possibilities

Versatile in both material and design. Their flexible design means that LED strip can even be bent around corners when running along walls. With or without a profile they can be used wherever you want them, as they are not restricted to being a single fitting in the centre of a room. Another great benefit of their flexibility is that they can be placed along uneven surfaces, so no need to worry if the wall they are to be installed on is not entirely straight.

These are just some of the benefits that can be seen when installing LED strip into your home. So why not take the leap and get them installed? Find everything you need today at Taylor Lighting.